Is it sufficient split-horizon rule to prevent RIP loops?

Per the split-horizon rule, don’t send an update back on the interface it was received on

What is the challenge here? In addition to bandwidth usage and system resources consumption, Split horizon helps prevent routing loops…

In this kind of loop the routing information is lost, incoherent between the domain routers

RIP: do not split it then… and unleach the power of the “network” command

In RIP domain routers R1 and R2 exchange information about loopback 0 and 1 networks

Router RIP command “network” hints routers to add all ip enabled interfaces to the update list and include their “subnets” into this update

Multicast routing: From the source… Part 3

We build on our discussion from the previous blogs

The test topolgy

How R3 handles Server2 source multicast trafic?