A NURBS Based Technique for an Optimized Transmit Opportunity Map Processing in WLAN Networks

Dynamic Radio Resource Management helps overcome interferences in dense WLAN deployments. By processing data from upper-layers services, it could optimize and enrich end-to-end wireless client experience. This experience may be tight to a transmit opportunity function that hints on the radio interface condition, and effectiveness of the transmission itself from different points of view: application, service and underlying network infrastructure.

Transmit opportunity calculations that are done at WLAN central intelligence level are resource consuming due to processing of huge amount of raw data from lower and upper system layers.

One major part of this processing is the establishment of a coverage map that indicates in real-time and at any point the quality of a radio transmission.

This work helps optimize transmit opportunity map calculations by exploring a novel approach based on NURBS Bézier surface technique. It demonstrates that map processing’s time and changes to radio environment could be enhanced.



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