Multicast: RPF… Part 6

In our test network

R1, R2 and R3 are in the same RIP routing domain

Multicast: rather than dense, sparse it and let’s meet at rendez-vous point… Part 5

Client1 is configured to join multicast destined for group and sent from Server1

Instead of PIM-Dense (flood and prune) we use PIM-Sparse to build the forwarding path from the server to the client

Multicast: Hold ASM for a moment, let’s do SSM!… Part 4

IGMPv3 (RFC 4607) allows the receivers to specify the source they wish in additiont the multicast group trafic

By default we use the range for SSM

In our lab setup

We configure Client1 to join SSM specific range @ip address sourced from Server1 (in the same subnet)