Point-to-Point OSPF Network Operation over a LAN that connects multiple routers

Fig. 1: network setup

What happens when LAN interfaces are configured as point-to-point network type OSPF interfaces instead of default broadcast type? And more than 2 ospf routers are present on this media? Let’s test this on network (R1, R2, R3):

Routers are Cisco 7206VXR GNS3 emulated and run C7200 ADVENTERPRISEK9-M IOS version 15.3(3)XB12.

DUAL route FSM Processing of EIGRP Queries

Fig. 1: EIGRP route FSM

An interesting case of how DUAL route FSM operates.

First let’s note that an EIGRP router send a Query to its neighbor to find a better route to a destination that has passed from Passive to Active state; that is actively searching for a new feasible route to a destination that no more satisfies the Feasibility Condition.