SSL VPN to my home network

Using only my Box (FTTH), I’m able to access my home network (box Lan subnet) by simple NAT redirection from any internet location. More precisely, I connect to as many hosts, residing in my home network, as redirection rules on my box.

My box supports only an overload NAT of my inside local addresses. If I access my network from the outside using my inside global routable address , internet, using my unique public address, I have only the possibility to redirect application port to a local port and address that belongs to the subnet, clients, connected directly to LAN ports of my box, use to access internet.

VPNv4 BGP AS-Override Feature into play!

AS-Override feature applies to sites that have the same AS number and are linked by another AS number.

In BGP, loop prevention would prevent any site from learning other site routes due to the presence of the same AS number in the AS_PATH of the advertised routes.

Fig. 1: setup network