10 security measures against 10 attacks in a LAN network – Part I

2 types of links: ACCESS and TRUNKS, are used to interconnect LAN network elements: stations, servers, routers, switches, etc. Access ports could not be tight to more that one Vlan. Trunk ports supports number of Vlans over the same physical attachment.

Switches help get more network capacity and minimize frames switching delays. Switching is done at hardware level for unicast and known addresses frames. For other trafic: unknown destinations unicast, broadcast or multicast, switching may be handled at processor level.

To help switching track destinations MAC addresses, a Content Addressable Memory, CAM table is built. This table matches MAC addresses to traffic source switch ports.

Switches operation is very sensitive to whole network operation and services. It needs to be secured to conform to global security policy.

Next we explore 10 risks that may challenge our network and 10 security measures to overcome them.

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