Transmit Power Control in IEEE 802.11 Cisco WLAN networks

The algorithm processes at access point level the desired transmit power hysterisis, Tx_Hysterisis_Current,  that equal to the sum of the current transmit power (initially at maximum), Tx_Current, and the variation of power threshold, Tx_Thresh, as it relates to the third neighbor RSSI, RSSI_3rd. If the difference between the processed power and the current one, Tx_Hysterisis_Thresh, is at least 6dBm, then the current power must be reduced by 3 db (by half). We should then wait for 10 minutes before re attempting another calculation. To understand better let’s consider this example:

Tx_Max = 20db,
Tx_Current = Tx_Max= 20db,
Tx_Thresh = -67dbm,
RSSI_3rd = -55dbm,
Tx_Hysterisis_Thresh= 6db,


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