Transmit Power Control in IEEE 802.11 Cisco WLAN networks

Further notes 
  • The 4 neighbor minimum number necessary to trigger the algorithm could be explained by the fact that in radio b we could not have more than 3 non overlapping adjacent channels.
  • Transmit power level depends on the chooses channel: in UNII-1 (802.11a channels ranging from 36 to 48) level 1 corresponds to a power of 15dbm, whereas in UNII-2 it is 17dbm and in UNII-3 it is 23dbm.
  • Pinningeffect: the algorithm suffers from lack of possible solutions. This is a frequent design issue !
  • Cascadingeffect: in some situation a simple change at an access point level may impact the whole network stability. This may be related to weaknesses of the algorithm itself with regard to radio modelization and impact estimation on overall radio network ; and to radio interface own property being instable and dynamic by nature.


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