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Power control

The decision of increasing or decreasing the transmit power level on a given channel is based on the processed coverage index as compared to the “ideal” coverage index, noted cov-idxideal, and “acceptable” overage index, cov-idxacceptable, both configured at controller level [4].

As a general rule the current coverage index should be greater than cov-idxacceptable and equivalent to cov-idxideal, [3].

Coverage index, cov-idx, that acts directly on transmission power level on a given channel is a function of detected access points SNR on the same channel as it is measured relatively by each other.

It corresponds to the sum of two variables « x » and « y ». « x » being the weighted average of all other access points SNR as being measured by the current access points. « y » is the weighted average of processed « x » variables by other access points from the same vendor and on the same channel [2].


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