Understand how Aruba ARMizes your WLAN for sure!

Where to get coverage information

This processing is based on the information reported by access points [1], every 10 seconds and for 110 millisecond scan time duration by default [7].

In addition to this channel scanning, access points exchange proprietary messages, ARM Over The Air Updates [1] [6], on every supported channel.
These messages when received by other access points are relayed back to the controller for further processing. These messages are IEEE 802.11 management messages and carry this information:

  1. Channel currently used by reporting access point for wifi clients
  2. Current transmit power EIRP over this channel
  3. A list of detected neighboring access points over this channel

Access points report also this information [1] [2] that evaluate the quality of transmission in both control and data plane :

  • % of retransmissions,
  • % of low rate frames,
  • % of non-unicast frames,
  • % of fragmented frames,
  • Channel rate in kbps,
  • % of PHY errors,
  • % of MAC errors,
  • Level of floor noise.


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